Cumbria Teaching Agency understands how time consuming dealing with timesheets can be, so we want to make the whole process as simple as possible for you.

Please see below an example of a timesheet confirmation email which schools will receive:

To make things even easier, you will not need to log-in to any system or website either. All you will need to do is confirm that the timesheet is correct and that is all!

If you need to reject a timesheet, please email back the correct hours for that timesheet along with a comment on why the timesheet was rejected.

All timesheets are submitted weekly by our staff and will need authorising by schools at the end of each week. A subsequent invoice will then be raised and emailed to the responsible person within the school.

To reduce our carbon foot print, all timesheets and invoices are done electronically via email. Should you have any questions relating to a current weeks timesheet or a previous timesheet, please speak to a member of our team or email our accounts team at accounts@cumbriateaching.co.uk
All timesheets and invoices regardless of the submission date, will be kept as an electronic file should you need a copy at any point.