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Cumbria Teaching Agency

Preferred Supplier Agreement

How much does it cost?

Nothing at all, quite the opposite! When you sign a PSA with Cumbria Teaching Agency your school will receive a reduced rate on all temporary and permanent fees.

How do I get on a PSA?

Call us today and we will arrange to come and see your school and go through the whole process with you. It is a very simple process, so please call our local office if you think a PSA could help your school in any way.

What is a Preferred Supplier Agreement?

A PSA is a contractual agreement between Cumbria Teaching Agency and your school or educational establishment.

Our PSA suits schools who are regular users of temporary and / or permanent staff. Our services are then tailored to meet your specific recruitment needs.

How will I benefit from being on a PSA with Cumbria Teaching Agency?

Cumbria Teaching Agency will advise you and work with you to tailor a very specific and unique way of working in order to help you save time, speed up the recruitment process and ultimately save you money.

We will also look to create talent pools for your school alone, which will give you access to a higher caliber of candidates locally or from out of the area.

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